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    Thank you for your interest in our Montessori School. At Pearlite Montessori House of Children, our reputation for childcare and education has allowed us to continue serving the community of Antioch, CA for many years.
    Our Montessori methodology encourages children to explore and achieve optimal learning. We pride ourselves on creating a child care center that is an ideal learning environment based on your child’s unique individual needs.
    Our teachers and staff are chosen not only for their credentials with the Montessori method but also for their love and professionalism towards young children. We invite you to visit us in Antioch, CA/
    Our staff can give you a personal tour of our kindergarten school so you can experience yourself the wonderful learning environment our school provides. Visit our day care center today!

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What are the most important factors when selecting a safe and caring childcare? You’ll want your little one to get special attention and proper treatment while they are learning social and physical skills. At a young age, children pick up on many details, such as sharing and talking. At Pearlite Montessori House of Children, our staff fulfills your requirements for a friendly and clean daycare.

Our caring childcare staff teaches a variety of developmentally-appropriate activities throughout the day to strengthen their knowledge and fill their curious minds. Entertainment through education will make them more independent and ready for kindergarten and other grades.

At our childcare center, we use learning tools like show and tell, puzzles and games, arts and crafts, music and pre-reading activities. At a young age, children begin to figure the little things out, such as socializing and cooperating with other children. You can trust Pearlite Montessori House of Children for excellent attention and education. We believe all children are precious gifts and we treat them as though they are our own at our daycare facilities. We also offer an After school Program.

For the best Montessori Daycare in Antioch, CA, call and come visit us today! Pearlite Montessori House of Children

Child Care

Our after school childcare allows kids at neighboring elementary schools to be picked up and brought back to Montessori. The children are encouraged to finish homework and other school assignments. Assistance is always available by our helpful staff.

The children are then free to occupy themselves by a variety of ways. We have a large selection of toys and games. Arts and craft projects are always popular especially around the holidays. At our private school, children are also encouraged to take advantage of our play area.

As a quality childcare, we like to emphasize the importance of moral values, manners, and courtesy. We instill these qualities in our daily curriculum and activities so that our students have strong characteristics and excellent moral judgement. Guiding children this way allows them to be orderly and solve problems unaided and peacefully. The nature of this method shows us that freedom and discipline are two faces of the same medal.

For the best Learning Center and After school Program Child Care call and come visit us today! Pearlite Montessori House of Children


For a quality Montessori Preschool in the Antioch area, contact Pearlite Montessori House of Children today. Our preschools mission is to provide quality childcare and education for your child. Following the Montessori School method, our staff will help your child develop and grow in a loving, fun, and controlled environment.

At Pearlite Montessori House of Children we invite you to come and check out our school’s facilities and meet our wonderful staff. Our daycare center is dedicated to the children. Ensuring that every child is cared for and nurtured properly to help with their education and development. Our Montessori School has high standards which we never compromise on.

Contact Pearlite Montessori House of Children today. Let our years of experience with childcare and preschool education work for you. We look forward to seeing you soon. We also offer a Before School Program.

For the best Montessori PreSchool in Antioch, CA call Pearlite Montessori House of Children today!

Learning Environment

Here at Pearlite Montessori House of Children, the Montessori School Method of education developed by Dr. Maria Montessori is the foundation of our child-centered approach. Not only do we value and promote the love of learning, we also focus on the child’s physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development.

Providing a safe and secure environment, kids naturally feel comfortable and are more receptive to learning new things. Our learning materials are also examined and constructed to be presented as interesting lessons that ultimately serve as building blocks for kids to love learning.

Our Learning Center is just as unique as our approach. Dedicated and passionate teachers don’t just present information; they demonstrate their lessons promoting logical and critical thinking with the use of special learning materials that serve as fun, interesting, and creative illustrations.

For the best Learning Environment in Antioch, CA call Pearlite Montessori House of Children today!

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